Friday, September 20, 2013

Socks the Horse Patiently Waited Out Colorado Flood

Straight from the Horse's Heart

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An image from this past week has generated some of the biggest concern from 9NEWS viewers

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KUSA, CO – There is some good news out of all the tragedy and destruction from the flooding . An image from this past week has generated some of the biggest concern from 9NEWS viewers. The image was of a horse, standing chest deep in the rush of flood waters on a small farm in Weld County. It appeared as though it was tethered to a fence and unable to escape.
The horse, named Socks, is safe and uninjured.
9NEWS drove to Weld County, around many road blocks and road repairs and still-flooded streets, and found the property manager. He contacted the horse’s owner and the caretaker.
Socks is a 14-year-old male horse. He is described as gentle and calm and content in his new home, a corral and barn a few miles from the flooded farm.
The owner, caretaker, and the farm manager say they did their best on Friday to move Socks and the other horses and livestock out of the flood, but could not maneuver safely through the rushing waters. They walked the horses to dry land on Saturday.
They all insist that a closer look at the video shows that they never tied Socks to the fence. They moved all the livestock to the highest ground on the property, and Socks found his own way to that spot, and true to his personality, patiently remained there until humans were able to get him out of there the next day.

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