Monday, February 15, 2010

Help Launch Murder Mystery by Local Author!

THE SHOP, by M.J. Hawk. It’s a thriller, currently being shopped in New York by my awesome literary agent.  (She really is awesome!) 
In the meantime, this is a tough market and few new books are being bought. Publishers want a “sure thing,” so instead of waiting, Glenn and I decided to try and build a ready-made readership for the book by creating a world around one of the characters---singer Brienne Cross.  It’s kind of like the pre-game show to the Super Bowl (only smaller) crossed with a scavenger hunt to find out who killed Brienne.
This started out as a marketing experiment, but I’ve found myself being pulled in as I find out more and more about Brienne and her life and the people she knew, and now I’m addicted.
On the right side of my site,, is a yellow button that says DEMAND IT!  (Eventful runs it, a web service which helps people find concerts and events in their city---kind of a square peg with a round hole for our purpose, but you go with what you have.)
  1. Press the button (PLEASE!)
  2. Next page, press “Go”
  3. You can skip advertiser offers and select, “No thanks, Confirm my Demand!”
  4. There is a place for you to fill in a couple of lines of info and your email address so your demand can be counted.  Press “submit,” and your demand is counted.
If you feel so inspired, Eventful gives you plenty of ways to spread the word about Who Killed Brienne Cross on your own website, Facebook page, Twitter, or bullhorn! 
Please tell everyone you know, and ask them to do the same! 

Let's ALL do this for our favorite Arizona author! She has been a member of this group from the inception. Please support her!


  1. Thank you, Barb, for reproducing my plea! I've got four cats to support. :)

    Jake - er, M.J. (now)

  2. Well, we have to feed those kitties!

  3. To be honest, Barb, they could probably live off their fat for a couple of years!