Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Forgotten Horses



Nakota Horses
Nakota Horses in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park have been basically 'zeroed out' by the United States Parks Service. There was actually a round-up of these horses last year. These horses are the 'forgotten' horses and it is as important to pay attention to them as we do our wild horses and burros. The Nakota Horse Conservancy is doing all they can to conserve what is left of this breed. Sue Pizzini, Frank Kuntz and Castle McCloughlin will be our guests on Howling Ridge Radio. Castle is a former Parks Ranger in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Craig Downer will try to phone in to give us an update on the Calico round-up. If you missed the 'Good Morning America' show about the wild horses, that video can be found here. Of course the BLM got that last word.

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