Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Help save the Placitas wild horses from the BLM

Tuesday's Horse

2010 February 16
by Fund4Horses
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We are fortunate to have beautiful bands of horses roaming the hills north of Placitas on BLM land. These horses have been known to live free in this area since the 60s. No one is quite sure how they originally began as a herd of wild horses but different theories abound. Some may have come off of the San Felipe Reservation, others may have been set free when the Placitas hippie communes closed, or many may have simply been let go by various owners over the decades. Regardless of how they began, most of the ones there now have been born free in those hills and are living their lives as good neighbors to Placitans.
WHOA (the Wild Horse Observers Association) has watched over the horses, made sure fences are repaired, and lobbied hard for their protection. The BLM area north of Placitas is not a federally-designated wild horse management area (although it may qualify for such designation as horses most certainly were living there in 1971 when Congress passed the law establishing these areas) and as such the horses have been under constant threat of removal by the BLM.
If you’d like to help us in our efforts to keep the horses where they are, or to help establish a wild horse state park, please view www.whoanm.org or my blog at www.davidcramer.com/blog.
A Call to Action has been issued to contact our federal representatives and local state park officials.
You can download the Call to Action on my blog (it’s a word document).
I’ll be giving a presentation on New Mexico wild horses at the Albuquerque Open Space Visitor Center Sunday, February 21. Look for it listed soon under Events. Read full post >>

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