Sunday, February 21, 2010

Carson City Truth Rally - HUGE SUCCESS!

From WIllis Lamm of WIld Horse Mentors

The Carson City Truth Rally came off without a hitch.  Around 150 people attended, which was great considering that Lou's group in Reno diverted to have a mini demonstration at Senator Harry Reid's function up there.  Mother nature was good to us as it didn't start snowing until the downtown clock struck 3:00 PM, the rally's scheduled ending time. Following the rally we received the heaviest snowfall so far in 2010.  (It is still snowing.)


The primary rally organizers were WHPL, Hidden Valley and LRTC, with support, signs and participation from groups as far away as the Cloud Foundation.
Best media coverage goes to Calli Fisher and KRNV (Reno Channel 4.)  KRNV's news editor gave Calli a lot of air time which she used expertly.
A photo gallery is available on the AOWHA web site, including downloadable copies of media materials - BLM Facts or Fiction, Talking Points, What Advocates Do and What is a Wild Horse?
There is not space to list all the folks who helped organize and pull off such a successful rally, so please everyone accept the general compliment that this was another great event that was the product of some terrific allied advocates.  Everyone involved, from organizing beforehand to showing up on Saturday, is definitely a part of this success story.
America is listening.  Now the big question becomes, is President Obama and BLM listening?  Perhaps we still need to send them some reminders.
Once again, kudos to all!
":O) Willis

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