Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Death Toll At Calico Round-up may be as high as 63, Including aborted foals

Death Toll adult horses: 33, possibly 30 aborted foals

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Feb. 3    Granite HMA gather site
Today is a public observation day. Six people have signed up to attend, including a reporter from Der Speigel and anti-gather advocates. The gather site will be moved south to Granite Creek Ranch on the east side of the Granite Range.
Feb. 2  

Granite HMA gather site
The contractor gathered 127 excess wild horses today (57 studs, 56 mares, 14 weanlings/foals).  Also shipped 98 animals to the Fallon facility (30 studs, 43 mares, 25 weanlings/foals).

To date, 1,878 excess wild horses have been gathered, 1,744 shipped to Fallon.
Feb. 1  

Granite HMA gather site
Contractor is relocating the temporary gather corrals and may fly this afternoon weather permitting. Contractor gathered 82 animals today (26 studs, 29 mares, 27 weanlings/foals).  Also, shipped 119 animals to the Fallon facility (49 studs, 41 mares, 29 weanlings/foals).

To date, 1,751 excess wild horses have been gathered, 1,646 shipped to Fallon.

Indian Lakes Road Facility
One 12-year-old mare from the Black Rock East HMA in poor condition was euthanized. One miscarriage was noted today.

Veterinarian Report on Outcomes and Complications for Horses Adapting to Hay

Facility deaths: 1, cumulative total: 27

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