Friday, February 11, 2011

BLM Report on Sun J Incident

Horseback Magazine

February 11, 2011
A Review Antelope Complex Gather Activity Including:
A Mare that Fell on January 27, 2011, and the
Performance of the Contractor, Sun J Livestock

Prepared by: BLM Review Team                                                                February 11, 2011

Review Purpose and Scope
This review of the actions taken by the gather contractor Sun J Livestock, Inc. (Sun J Livestock) at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Antelope Complex Gather has a dual purpose.  First, the review examines the incident with the fallen mare captured on video on January 27, 2011, to determine the causes of the incident and if it was the result of any unacceptable gather practices, based on existing BLM policy and procedures.  Second, the review assesses the overall performance of the Sun J Livestock on this and other recent gathers to determine if animals are being gathered and handled in accordance with existing BLM policy and procedures and with care, compassion, and concern for the animal’s well-being.  Sun J Livestock has been under contract by the BLM to gather and remove wild horses since October 2010.  Under this contract, they have gathered horses from 8 Herd Management Areas (4 individual HMAs and one complex), including the capture of 1,623 animals during this time.  MORE...

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