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Honey Bandit Wild Horse Story Makes a Difference in D.C.

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Obama’s BLM Loses Millions Over Cruel Stampedes

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We have great news here in Washington DC.  The U.S. House has approved an amendment on a voice vote that would cut $2 million dollars from the BLM.  According to Indiana Republican Dan Burton, his amendment is to send a signal to BLM that the American public wants more humane treatment for the Mustangs across the West.  This means that the additional $12 million dollars that have been requested would not be available to aid with the roundups.  So that is a whopping $14 million dollar savings.
According to Virginia Democrat, Jim Moran, the law that was passed 40 years ago was to protect the wild horses and today there are more than 40,000 in holding pens and and only 30,000 in the wild.  Advocates believe that there are even less than that still running free.
This is wonderful news for wild horses that are still free.  We still have a long way to go, but this was a huge step in the right direction.  In other news, BLM is working with the University of California Davis on a long term (possibly 7 year) contraceptive.  The University of Colorado is in competition with UC Davis to come up with the best formula for this birth control.  Just think, if we can stop the roundups for a time until the proper studies are done, and the birth control is successful, the way we manage our wild horses could be changed forever.
There wouldn’t be a need for round-ups if the reproduction was controlled.  Of course this would be based on accurate and independent studies having verified the true number of wild horses left in the wild.  But this was a good trip, and a very successful one.  We came to defund the round-ups, and as of today, we are half way there with the House having approved the defunding.
So write to your representatives, and let’s keep this ball rolling.   PTL that Honey Bandit’s plight did not go unnoticed.  Thank you for all your support.  It takes all of us and we need to keep up the momentum.  Videos of the actual roundups simply are what they are.  There is nothing but the truth, and it sends a very clear message.  You be the judge.  The video is on youtube and it was made by Ginger Kathrens for congress to encourage them to defund the round-ups.
Thank you for your help and continued support.  I cannot wait to wrap my arms around Honey Bandit’s neck when I get home tomorrow.  It has been hard being away from him, but my hubby was there to get him “unstuck” and watch over him and the rest of the family.  We still need your support and thank you with all our heart.  God Bless.
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