Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Comments Needed for Battle Mountain

The Cloud Foundation

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Submit your comments for the new Battle Mountain RMP!
The Battle Mountain district in Nevada is conducting a new Resource Management Plan for the area and is accepting public comments. It is an opportunity for the public to voice their opinions and provide input regarding the Battle Mountain area. Submit your comments by Friday, February 11th! Ask the BLM in your comments for a fair assessment of the wild horses and burros in the area and to truly address their future. We encourage you to read the Cloud Foundation's full comments here. Please email all comments to: or use the BLM's Battle Mountain comment form. Here is an example of format structure with points to possibly include:

SAMPLE OUTLINE/FORMAT – please use your own words!
Christopher Worthington,
BLM Battle Mountain District Office
50 Bastian Road
Battle Mountain, NV 89820
Subject: Battle Mountain District Resource Management Plan Revision
Dear Sir;
When conducting your drafting the Resource Management Plan (RMP) for the Battle Mountain district, I urge you to consider wild horses and burros and their future on the range. The new RMP needs to support the wild horse and burro population as a symbol of the American West and an admired icon by the American public. I urge that you take the following into consideration:

When you write your own letter, be sure to include the some/all following points:

  • - Raising the Appropriate Management Levels (AMLs) for wild horses and burros
  • - Allocating the majority of forage in the area for wild horses and burros
  • - Improving existing water sources
  • - Removing fencing to allow for free roaming wild horses and burros
  • - Allow for a genetically viable population on each area of the range
  • - Consider predation as a way for natural population management
Wild horses and burros have historically received only a minimal portion of the pie, and I urge the Bureau of Land Management to take a good look at the impacts of wild horses and burros compared with livestock. Wild horses and burros should be the principal users of these public lands, and I cannot support the mismanagement of these true symbols of the American West.

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