Sunday, February 27, 2011

Here are your BLM Advisory Board Members

From Terry of American Horse Defense Fund

Wild Horse and Burro Advocacy (Representative)
Ms. Robin Lohnes - Executive Director of FAKE American Horse Protection Association:  consisting of Robin (fulltime, 4o hrs wk - paid) and 2 unpaid part-timers (.5 hours per week)
Term expires: 1/08/2012
Public Interest (Representative)
Ms. Janet M. Jankura
Term expires: 01/08/2013
Lives in OHIO - horseback rides
Township Trustee in Richfield, Ohio. Former human resource officer for units of Rockwell Automation and National City Corporation
Livestock Management (Representative)
Ms. Renee C. Taylor
Evansville, WY
Term expires: 6/14/2010*
Petroleum Association of Wyoming -
Wildlife Biologist, Taylor Environmental Consulting, LLC
Page 11 (or 12) at (WY Game & Fish Meeting Minutes dated 2002 :
Renee Taylor, Working Group member representing the oil and gas industry.....

(she has nothing to do with livestock management that I could find, none)
Wild Horse and Burro Research (Representative)
Dr. Vernon D. Dooley       (note the addresses of the college and
                                          Wy Dept of Ag are the same) 
Northwest College
231 West 6th Street
Powell, WY 82435
Term expires: 6/14/2010*
Teaches in the Agriculture department: sophomore anatomy and equine breeding courses.
Dr Vern Dooley Department Of Agriculture Wyoming -
Dr Vern Dooley
Branch Manager  -
Regulation of Agricultural Marketing and Commodities
231 W 6th Street Building 2
Powell, WY 82435-1898
Humane Advocacy
Term expires: 03/08/2013
Timothy J. Harvey - lives in NEW HAMPSHIRE
Horse trainer - big game hunter: Moose
Livestock Management (Representative)
Mr. Gary Zakotnik

Term expires: 03/08/2013
G Z Livestock Co
Wholesale Livestock Dealers
Wyoming Livestock Board - Brand Inspectors District #1, Supervisor Gary Zakotnik68a Eden 1st West S, Farson, WY 82932, (307) 273-9481
Page 10 at   (WY Game & Fish Meeting Minutes dated 2002)
describes Gary Zakotnik as a "rancher"
Page 14 Public Comment by Gary Zakotnik
(he was in the focus group for the Steamboat Elk Herd Objective, said being in the group was interesting, then quickly switched to wild horses) -
Gary Zakotnik thanked the Commission for the opportunity to speak.....  He advised he is on the National Board of the Wild Horse and Burro Act, and asked the Commission for some help to address the wild horse issue.  He advised the program is nonfunctional, and they don't have enough funds to do what they need to do.  He asked for a Department letter to get numbers down to management levels.  This is already a Commission meeting Action Item, and is being handled by Jay Lawson and Tom Christians.
The Commission then moved and seconded the recommendations on the Elk objective.
Gary is a public lands rancher -
Gary Zakotnik, Eden, WY -We have a cow-calf operation. Summer grazing is provided by Bureau of Land Management permits. We raise grass and alfalfa hay on the home place to provide winter feed. June 2008 marked the ranch’s 100th year in my wife’s family. Memberships include the National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board, Eden Valley Irrigation and Drainage District Board, Wyoming State Grazing Board (Rock Springs District), the Sweetwater County Predator Board and the Wyoming Stock Growers Association. I am also on the Little Sandy Grazing Association Board of Directors.
Natural Resources Management (Representative)
Dr. J. Wayne Burkhardt
Indian Valley, ID
Term expires: 6/14/2010*
"Ecological Consequences of Over Population"
at The 2009 Conference on Wild & Feral Horse and Burro Management and Policy
Sponsored by the Nevada Section: Society for Range Management
H. Paul Durbin
Chandler, AZ
Term expires: 03/08/13
lifelong hunter, angler, and outdoorsman
Dr. Boyd Spratling
Deeth, NV
Term expires: 01/08/2012)
Nevada large animal vet that believes:
"It's an irony that some of these (advocacy) groups blame grazing for all the problems," Spratling adds. "Getting rid of cows is not a solution. Horses can eat themselves out of house and home; they simply exceed in number what food is available."
He's also a public lands rancher:
Boyd Spratling, a rancher near Deeth, Nevada (between Wells and Elko) is (former) president of the Nevada Cattlemen.

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