Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Band Together To End Horse Slaughter" Campaign!

Americans Against Horse Slaughter

Dear Friends,

Please see the article below. Kudos to Animal Angels and their unwavering efforts to expose animal cruelty. This is Huge!

Blow to European Horse Meat market expected to hit the US

Belgian and Dutch consumers were shocked to learn of widespread horse slaughter-related cruelty in North and South America. Undercover video footage aired on three major news programs showed horses designated for slaughter are routinely starved, dehydrated, injured and abused.

Click here for the entire article.

Thank You!

We also wish to thank everyone who participated in our online event

"Band Together To End Horse Slaughter" Campaign!

It was a HUGE success and has guaranteed that more American citizens will learn about this cruel and brutal practice. This event will help us implement phase I of our "Band Together To End Horse Slaughter" Campaign.

If you have not purchased your campaign support writst bands, you may still do so until midnight eastern time this evening. After midnight, the wrist bands will still be available however an additional shipping and handling cost will be added to your purchase.

Log on here to purchase now!

Members of Congress To Attend The International Equine Conference

This first International Conference on Equine Welfare will be a two part symposium to discuss issues related to (1) America's Wild Horses and Burros and (2) Slaughter: the Equine Welfare, Human Health and Environmental Implications.

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