Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Barren Valley Roundup September 16-18: BLM Makes Mockery of Public Observation; Six Horses Die

American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

Trap Site

BLM has moved the trap site and established a public observation area more than three miles from the trap, rendering public observation of this roundup entirely meaningless. The BLM continues to withhold information regarding the breakdown of wild horses captured on a daily basis (i.e. how many mares, foals and stallions are captured each day.)
The above photo, taken with camera on full zoom, shows the BLM trap site near the end of the butte.   Read MORE...

Barren Valley – September 14-15, 2011

American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

BLM Oregon Withholds Information from Public

Report by Deniz Bolbol, on behalf of the ASPCA and AWHPC.

Public Observation Sept 14-15, 2011: Poor visibility. The mouth of the trap is behind the hill - this is the area is critical for the public to observe as it is where the Sun J pilot has been documented getting dangerously close to horses as he stampedes them into the trap.
This is the first roundup I have attended in Oregon. On Wednesday, September 14, Mike Mottice – BLM Oregon’s Deputy State Director for Resource Planning – attended the roundup. Therefore what is taking place at the Barren Valley roundup is being overseen by those in charge of the BLM in Oregon. The Barren Valley roundup and observation is handled differently from the Triple B roundup which ended last month in Nevada. In addition to the contractor rounding up horses until 5:30 p.m. or later each day (at Triple B the contractor ended flying at or about mid-day), the BLM Oregon is far less forthcoming with providing the public information.  Communication between the BLM Oregon’s wild horse team and the PR personnel dealing with the public appears to be poor. Read MORE....

Barren Valley Sept 14, 2011 - Heli Close 


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