Sunday, September 25, 2011

BLM Legal Worries Intensify over “Inhumane” Treatment of Wild Horses

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Press Release from Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Additional Evidence Added to ongoing Wild Horse Case

One of many images added to mounting evidence in ongoing "Humane Treatment" case ~ photo by Laura Leigh
HOUSTON,  (WHFF) – Late Friday, Sept. 24th,  a second supplement was filed in the ongoing case against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) that alleges inhumane treatment of wild horses during roundup activities.
The case was successful in gaining a temporary restraining order (TRO) late last month as Honorable Judge Howard Mckibben ruled that helicopter pilot conduct was inappropriate. Judge McKibben also cited his “displeasure” of the Defendant’s justification process.
“We have filed a supplement to update the Court that the same type of conduct appears to be continuing,” states Gordon Cowan, the attorney on the case, “in light of the ruling it seems incredible that no specific corrective action has taken place, no protocol or parameters made public.”
On the day of the new filing, that cites BLM’s lack of response to the decision, the agency made a statement via their press release pages on their website. They claim to be forming a committee to investigate the Triple B roundup that spurred the Judge’s decision. The majority of the press release however is a statement of justification for roundups.
At the Antelope roundup, the operation that occurred in this district just prior to Triple B, the BLM conducted another “investigation” into pilot conduct after video of the roundup hit the news media and complaints were made to the local Sheriff.
Laura Leigh, Plaintiff in the case, founder of Wild Horse Education and Vice President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation, was onsite during the investigation and was questioned.
“During the actual investigation (Antelope) I witnessed horrific flying by the same pilot where he repeatedly came in close proximity to horses at high speed,” Leigh said “The BLM investigation found nothing wrong, even though they witnessed what I did. I am not surprised by the BLM response: self-controlled investigation, no immediate corrective action and a justification process, I have no faith in it.”
“This is an important case,” said R.T. Fitch, President co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation and author of Straight From the Horses Heart, “the public has had enough talk. This agency has been tasked with humane management for 40 years, it is time to stop talking and put a protocol into action.”

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