Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Take Action Today!

Dear Members of Americans Against Horse Slaughter,
This is an important message from Chris Heyde of AWI.  Read below and take action!
As the few proponents of horse slaughter continue to mislead Congress and others within the horse community it is important that we, the majority of Americans, keep up the fight to make sure their misguided attempts don’t succeed. 
Please take a minute to call your Senator TODAY and urge them to cosponsor
S.1176, The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (if they haven’t already) and help reject those who are more interested in slaughtering horses than helping them. 
You can even point out that a recent GAO report recommended passage of the federal horse slaughter ban as an option.  The other option would be to spend millions of tax dollars to try and manage the animal abuse (not stop it).  As taxpayers, we find it abhorrent that the US government would spend our money to regulate animal abuse so a few foreign investors could profit.
It is time to end horse slaughter NOW.  To find your Senators and their contact info please, click here.

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