Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Day On The Lower Mountain, A Report From Lori.

A Day in the Pryors

Brianna and I had a great trip yesterday and spent almost all day out on the range.
Brianna and I met at about 9:30 at the Center. There was a young man & woman who were talking to Kaibab and Liesl and waiting for the Center to open.
We let them in and they bought one Sandy’sWild Caballo DVD’s! They loved it.
They wanted to go with us (follow us) out to the range…so that is what we did.
They both were very nice and appreciative. They are from Michigan and were on their honeymoon.
So off we went. We first saw the greeters. They were very spread out and we could not get close…but Jesse James, Seneca, Hightail and Hickok were all there.
Seneca, October 19, 2012

Click HERE for more incredible pictures!

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