Monday, October 15, 2012

Let the Killing of America’s Horses Resume!

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Posted: October 15, 2012 by R.T. Fitch
OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ volunteer president of Wild Horse Freedom Federation
No Butchering or Blood for a Weekend, but its back!
Jerry Finch and I conversed on the fact that over the weekend reality seem to pale and fall out of focus every time we allowed our hearts and minds to slip over the edge into considering that the ban on bloody horse slaughter was permanent, that it would stick and lives would forever be changed for the better.  Jerry was up early on Monday morning and I was half a world away up late on Monday night awaiting some sort of word out of the EU explaining the ban and giving details to current conditions.
I fell asleep, only to awake to a flurry of emails filled with speculation and confusion but it appears that the dust is beginning to settle and the bloody meat doors on the EU are once again open to receiving tainted, toxic flesh from our companion American horses.  The lack of rationale, science, common sense and even just plain decency escapes my comprehension.  So it is with a heavy heart that our spirits feel the cold, dark blanket of reality spread out across us as we realize that thousands of horses are experiencing a cruel and horrifying end to a life where either they had run wild on their rightful land or they had served their killer, mankind.  Either way, they are most disgracefully betrayed.
"Below is an excerpt from an email that allegedly came from an advocate in the U.K…I insert it, here, even though I cannot verify it’s authenticity but I have seen it passed about by many people whom I know and respect so I present it to you, full knowing, that it may not be the absolute truth but it does make sense:
“Unfortunately, having spent the last 1/2 hr speaking with an official of the EU division of Veterinary and International Affairs (G6) in Brussels I can confirm the block has now been released allowing US horses to once again be slaughtered in Canada and Mexico.
VIA (G6) were alerted by French authorities on Friday concerning a shipment of horse meat originating from the US with what was first considered “incorrectly certified meat”
Upon further investigation that turned out not to be the case with this particular shipment.
However, I had the opportunity of presenting to this official concerns with the thoroughbreds and other breed race horses, and my own personal experience in dealing with the plants, banned drugs, falsified EID’s, incorrectly identified horses all of which this official was extremely interested in knowing especially in light of the latest EVO 2012 Audit in Mexico.
Assurance was given that not only is the EU looking very seriously at the certification/traceability/FULL identification and the residue plan in place at ALL EU slaughter facilities but also the welfare of horses and the transportation issues. He has asked that I send him the latest AA investigation and to keep him updated from this end.”
Now, of course, we are well aware that the horse-eaters are smacking their lips and clapping the claws as to them this appears to be a victory, but in reality it is only a reprieve in their gruesome game of roulette with the horses lives being the bet.  If I, as a business person, were asked to invest millions of dollars to build a horse slaughter plant in the U.S. knowing that there is NO MARKET for horsemeat in this country, to date it cannot be shipped without being inspected and the only major market where it was truly selling is teetering on collapse due to the toxic and carcinogenic content of the meat, would I get involved?  Not in a New York minute; the only people that stupid enough to go there are the cartoon characters of $ue Wallis and Dave Duquette “cus they ain’t got no education” and don’t have a lick of decency between them.
So, in my humble opinion, this was a dress rehearsal for the REAL day when the evil of predatory horse slaughter comes to end.  And dangling that carrot in front of my nose worked well as I only made me want it more and am fully energized to see this thing through.
Hang in there, team, we will win this war…it’s just a matter of when, and it needs to be sooner rather than later.

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