Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why we keep fighting!
Hello, My name is Catherine Cirino, I am a Director for the Delaware Equine Council/

My friend sold a horse to a couple who were to use him as a companion/husband horse. There was a contract that stated that he be returned if for any reason they did not want him or could not care for him. Unfortunately, they sold him to a dealer who sold him at New Holland on 2/2/09.

I am looking for a 29 yr old Argent. TB gelding named Harry. He has 1 eye, a bay about 15.2HH. He is a retired polo pony and was sold at New Holland on 2/2/09 by a dealer named Cody Lloyd.

I am frantically looking for this horse. New Holland states that he was sold to a rescue, but will not tell me anything else.

If anyone knows anything about Harry please call me. I would like to bring this horse home to my farm to live out his days.


just called again and left a message for Jen.

Put the word out to anyone you know concerning this horses.

I would like to find him asap.



Just spoke to New Holland. They are going to pull the records and call with the information today.

Hopefully, he was sold to an person and not the killers!

Say a prayer for me!!


If he is with someone who loves him.....I would be thrilled!

If they want to give or sell him back to me... I would be even happier!

I am hopeful to get good news.

Thanks again.


His tattoo is unreadable, so we never knew.

His name has always been Harry. I was told he was a polo pony.

He is an Argentinian TB. His lack of an eye has never been an issue.

He is still an amazing guy for his age.


Just got the call from NH - He was sold to a Ryan Moore from Joanstown, PA.

I just called and left a message on their machine to call me regarding Harry.

Does anyone know them?


They just called me back to say he went to slaughter.

I am devastated!




RIP Harry, we are sorry. I will never forget. Promise.

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  1. This is another reason Kristina is walking. If she had known sooner about Harry he could have been saved, he was at New Holland just 7 days before she arrived and no one claimed him. Opportunity was lost, a one eyed mature horse is not the prime candidate for slaughter, they prefer the young, plump horses and Harry was a victim of a very evil scammer who then dumped him at the New Hollands sale, as I understand it, he was abandoned there. What a horrible tragedy. I did talk to Lisa about it, she's also a friend of mine too.

    The only way to protect horses like Harry who certainly deserved a good life, is to stop all horse slaughter, making it not profitable for the slaughter industry to get our horses because of tough laws.

    Unfortunately we currently have a very pro horse slaughter Agriculture Secretary now as we did before. Appointing Salazar was like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. His family is in the business.