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A Big Cat Dines on a Horse Meat Cake
Source: Seattle Times

Howling Ridge Radio with John Holland, Ellen-Cathryn Nash, Vicki Tobin & Amanda Sorvino

We really do not want to give free publicity to the host of 'Horse Talk with Jen.' However, her comments are so blatantly contradictory and ridiculous that we simply cannot resist. Out of one side of her mouth she declares she is not PRO slaughter. Out of the other, she says such a "small amount" of horses go to kill, and she is vehemently opposed to the Humane Society of the United States, PeTA, and any other animal welfare organization on the planet that advocates for equids. Ms. Hegeman, we know, utters a falsehood when she states she is not pro slaughter. She is not a good problem solver as she does not possess an analytical mind. Admittedly she has a plethora of 'blond moments' and that is an insult to every natural blond. To make such a statement and prove its validity one would have to know each and every blond woman in the world.

Ms, Hegeman lacks such an understanding of the United States Congress that she cannot grasp the distinction between a House bill and a Senate bill. See How Our Laws Are Made. For example, HR 249 was not an addendum to HR 503. HR 249 was new legislation drafted with the intention of reinstating the Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro act of 1971. This legislation was gutted by then Senator Conrad Burns via an amendment to the FY 2005 appropriations bill. The bill was over three thousand pages, and none of our Senators or Representatives read all of that.

Her radio shows are available for streaming, however, I did not waste a lot of time downloading and converting Ms. Hegeman's .ogg files, and I listened to what I could tolerate. Her 'blond moments' with Dr. Temple Grandin were ludicrous. She might have heard of her in passing, and IF she actually read all of her books -- as she stated, Ms. Hegeman should have known Dr. Grandin's last name is not 'Gradin.' Ms.Hegemen refers to Dr. Grandin as a 'recovering autistic'! This is what we are dealing with here. One does not 'recover' from autism as some people recover from alcholism. This is the most bizarre waste of bandwidth ever encountered.

Not all of the shows will be posted, only those downloaded and converted are the episodes that deal with the legislation. For Ms. Hegeman's information, the United States Congress is located in the District of Columbia. Due to her complete and total lack of understanding regarding how our government works, it important to inform Ms. Hegeman of the central location of the United States Comgress. It is evident that she did not take a Civics course in High School.

We will start with Ms. Hegeman's interview with Dr. Grandin. It is interesting to note that Dr. Grandin always answers her phone and she will speak to anyone, lest Ms. Hegeman consider herself 'special.'

Dr. Temple Grandin: May 5, 2007

Here is yet another gem where Ms. Hegemen wants to discuss the BLM horses and burros but confuses HR 249 with HR 503. How this person can consider herself an 'expert' on anything is ridiculous as this 'show' proves.

We also cannot ignore Agritalk Radio. Agritalk interviewed Jim Sacia from Illinois who is attempting to repeal the Illinois state bill that banned horse slaughter. He states he is a horse lover and that slaughter is humane. He wants to keep horse slaughter in the United States because of the revenues the State of Illinois would gain. Next, in this episode from March 4, 2009, they discuss the animal welfare advocates as 'Extremists' who are attacking the global food chain. If 'Agritalk' is the 'voice of rural America,' I don't ever want to go there!

Manes and Tails Organization and John Holland have set up our own radio show. We will tell the truth, 'out' all of the liars and cheats, name names and force the USDA to enforce the Humane Slaughter Act of 1958 by engendering public outrage. Due to the stipulations of this now 51 year old Federal statute, there is absolutely no method of slaughtering a horse, pony, foal, donkey or mule that can ever comply with the statute. This means it is a violation of a Federal statute to slaughter a horse, or his cousins, for any purpose whatsoever. Simply put, it is illegal and has been for 51 years. Yes, as horse rescuers, we have sound ideas about the overpopulation of particular breeds including American Quarterhorses and Thoroughbreds and what must be done about that. We will dicuss this on our own program.

Give the analysis of the HSA of 1958 a read here. If you prefer to listen to why horse slaughter for any purpose is illegal, listen here.

Our first show airs on Wednesday. March 11th, 2009 at 5:30pm Eastern Standard time. Please join us by listening using the window below, or participate by using the call in telephone number: (718) 664-6596 !

The link to our show is here!


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