Friday, March 27, 2009

Arizona: Say No To Horse Slaughter:
Click to TAKE ACTON on Arizona SCM 1001

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  1. Native American Church of the Ghostdancers
    Mother earth is crying ,her children are dieing
    When will mankind see how he is living blind,no compassion or love for his fellow brothers and sisters, the animals are sacred gifts to all mankind, and yet he continues on his path of destruction.Man seems to want to destroy all Beauty and Grace.This is against all cosmic Laws of the Universe,we see more devastation and suffering today,and how much tomorrow?Will man once again destroy himself as well as all our Earth Mother?I pray for the time, that mans hearts will Beat as One,with the Mustangs,the Bison the Eagles once again will Reign,Anumpeshi,Chief Sintollo,Baby Choctaw,