Monday, November 30, 2009

For the 100,000

For the 100,000

For the 100,000

steed on the hill

When injured, even to the point of impending death, I will carry you until I can do so no more.

Upon hearing your approach, I will whinny happily, kicking my heels up and bouncing my head gleefully to see you.

I will bear you proudly down the avenues of town in the fanfare of a parade.

I will be as watchful as you, as we comb the hills and mountains, searching for a lost man, woman, or child.

On the streets of the city, I am your partner. Together we keep the peace.

I am the young gelding you put your children on at the camps for the needy and handicapped.

I will race my heart out for you.

I will pull the heavy carts, the farm plows, and sleighs.

I will guide the hay wagons for those eagerly awaiting a ride under the Harvest Moon.

From daybreak to sunset, I work the cattle and inspect, with you, the land of your domain.

I am the proud steed, rearing up, with the wind in my mane, the storm at my back, and the herd in my keeping.

I am the hero or heroine in the stories that have delighted all those who are young at heart.

I am the old mare who lives for your gentle company, for we have given each other love through my entire life. And though I am not fit any longer for the saddle, I still thrill to hear your voice, and my ears prick forward with as much anticipation as ever for the treats you bring me.

My soft neigh is my way of thanking you for being my friend. The touch of my velvety muzzle in the palm of your hand is my kiss of love.


Dedicated to the nearly 100,000 a year who lose their lives in the slaughter of horses providing food to consumers overseas…

Copyright 2006 Kathy Pippig Harris


If you wish to help stop this abominable practice, go to:
For the 100,000 Horses

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