Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Federal Government Wild Horse and Burro Employees Break Law

Wild Horse Foundation
Press Release 11/25/09
Federal Government Wild Horse and Burro Employees Break Law
Franklin, Texas. Founder and President Susan Calhoun along with Ray Field Executive Director, Founder of the Wild Horse Founder have retained former Assistant U. S. Attorney General to investigate that BLM has wrongful used its charge to violate laws. Furthermore, employees of the BLM who violate these laws are not immune from prosecution and in fact charges are being looked into for the very crimes they are committing for violating the Wild Horse and Burro Act establish for the protection of these animals.  By the mere fact of conspiring to illegally commit acts against these wild horses and burros is a federal crime and punishable in a federal prison.  The non-profit groups instead of going after the rules each time should go after the people for violating the laws which they are to uphold.  Congress has not stated in the Wild Horse and Burro act to remove these animals in a death sentence formal style that is being carrying out today. 
Thousands of wild horses and burros are being removed each year due to the complaints of the nation’s cattlemen’s over grazing the publicly leased land.  Since the 1920’s – 1930’s the Taylor grazing act as it is called as not been checked by any presidential administration because of the money support it’s received through the lobbing of the cattlemen.  Only this year that a few “leases” have not been renewed so that the current administration can look like they are trying to return some land to the wild horses.  Founder, Executive Director Ray Field states ‘that‘s not enough to improve the quality of these lands. ‘
Federal range management specialists don’t tell the people that wild horses reseed the lands while cows don’t. They don’t tell you that cows with split hooves tear the ground apart while horses with a solid hooves won’t, they don’t tell the people that wild horses cover 20 – 30 miles day or more and cows won’t, simply that the cows will sit in an area and devastate that ground and take years to rehab while wild horses will move on and allow the land to recover between meals and cows won’t.
What the whole wild horse and burro ideological process comes down to is bad behavior.  They keep blaming the past president administration and then it was the president before that one and the one before that one when in fact it is the current BLM Director “Responsibility” to do his job, nothing else.  The one thing we can count on is our government passing the buck from one person to the others “pocket”. 
Only in Middle America can you be a rancher out of business and receive a government welfare check to house wild horses and it’s a life check.  No one ever goes out to check these to see if these people are really up-to-date and keeping within the guidelines.  This is what the non-profit ought to be looking at these folks, now here’s and idea.   
The “American Wild Horse and Burro Act for money” is what it’s welfare ranchers should be on a list.  This list should be called, I’m to lazy to have a ranch but I can qualify for government food stamp program. 
The number 1 reason the BLM uses these private ranchers is that when the public wants to visit these publicly owned wild horses they can’t. You see these are on “private land” now, so they are officially not wild horses and burros anymore so that ranchers can call the local Sheriff and have you arrested for trying to see what your tax dollars are paying for.   
So when you think about how this circle of the BLM works, think of it this way, your father could work for the BLM, forge over 50 BLM adoptions
Papers and send these to slaughter and then get fired then be allowed to quit with no wrong doing so you could get your retirement and then they the BLM hire your son and son-in-law to work for the BLM so you wonder how corrupt the system is?  Well even the employees of the United States Federal Government have to up hold the laws like you and I and when they violate theses they can be prosecuted like anyone can.   This should slow the wild horse and burro’s removal down to a stop.  Think about it.   

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