Monday, November 23, 2009

US horse advocates are called on by Canadian horse advocates to help stop slaughter in Canada

Saving America's Horses

One of our associates, resides in Canada and is working to end slaughter there. She has alerted us of a special slaughter situation that needs immediate press. 

Though we are fighting to save America's horses in the US, the reality is that this is an international issue. Collaboration amongst horse advocates from around the world is what this CAUSE needs.

The Horse Riding Stable in Squamish, BC is scheduled to sell three three of their recently "used up" horses at the market Saturday Nov 28th for slaughter. Concerned Canadians are rallying to get media attention to help prevent this.

This kind of thing happens all across the US as well so let's help keep the momentum going to expose this aspect of the slaughter trade  and honor the citizens of Canada who are speaking out to help end horse slaughter.

Cross post and forward to friends, press and colleagues.  Help expose the truth about horse slaughter.

(Thanks to Amanda Daniell in BC Canada)

For all the horses and burros~

Katia Louise
Saving America's Horses A Nation Betrayed



CONTACT: Lucy Hulse, 604-815-8245 (cell); 604-815-0002;

Witnesses Say Abused Horses May be Sold for Meat Slaughter on Saturday, November 28

SQUAMISH, BC – This week, Squamish horse lovers came forward with shocking allegations that the Sea-to-Sky Stables, a horseback riding ranch just outside town in Paradise Valley, is routinely neglecting and starving its horses. The horse advocates, including area resident Lucy Hulse, have urged authorities to intervene immediately to save the animals. Two other witnesses, who want to remain anonymous, have provided additional details to Ms. Hulse confirming long-term abuse of the horses.

On Friday, a constable with the BC Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) told Ms. Hulse she would work with local law enforcement to investigate the matter. Ms. Hulse told the SPCA she was especially concerned about the fate of the animals because the stables intends to sell off a few of the horses for meat slaughter on Saturday, November 28. Even if these horses are spared from slaughter, Ms. Hulse said the animals should be removed from Sea-to-Sky Stables because the horses – weakened from the neglect – are not likely to survive the winter. She urged officials to place the horses with a better home.

"These poor animals have been terribly neglected. And now that the Sea-to-Sky Stables has deemed the animals 'useless' they may be shipped off to slaughter," said Ms. Hulse, who was featured on Global TV in February about an unrelated neglected horse case in Squamish. "This is just so heartbreaking. These horses should be immediately removed from Sea-to-Sky Stables and be placed with homes that will properly care for them. Time is of the essence. I urge authorities to act quickly before it is too late for these horses."

Among the allegations, Ms. Hulse and the other witnesses said Sea-to-Sky Stables had:

·      Heavily overworked horses, giving the horses no days off in the summer

·      Provided little or no water to the horses even on very hot days

·      Provided little to no veterinary care for the horses. Witnesses said many of the horses are riddled with painful saddle sores from ill-fitting tack or have injuries that have gone untreated. They said the horses are plagued with worms, skin problems and other health concerns due to lack of adequate care and nutrition. Few have received vaccinations or regular check-ups.

·      Deprived the horses of food. Witnesses claim approximately 30 horses are provided significantly less food than they require to maintain healthy weight. Only the strongest few horses get what food is provided due to the herd dynamics. This creates very aggressive conditions when food is given. Often, the stable has simply forgotten to feed the horses. Some horses, especially older or weaker ones, have literally starved to death.

·      Provided little to no shelter for the horses. Older, weaker horses are not provided adequate shelter nor blankets and are exposed to the elements even in winter.

"Horses require a lot of attention, knowledgeable care, and love. These animals are living in third world conditions in a first world country and it is simply unacceptable.  They deserve better than to be neglected and then discarded like trash simply to make a couple of hundred dollars from the 'meat man'," said Ms. Hulse. "I will not stop sounding the alarm until these poor animals are placed in good homes that will provide them the specialized attention and care they so desperately need and deserve."

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