Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Approved 2011 Federal Budget Spells Disaster for Wild Horses & Burros

American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

BLM Confirms Plans to Resume Roundups in July

Starting in the hot summer month of July, wild horses will once again be running for their lives as the Interior Department resumes mustang roundups. The 2011 budget passed by Congress last week provided enough discretionary funds for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to "fully meet its funding needs for the Wild Horse and Burro program." Acting Wild Horse and Burro Management Program Director Karla Bird confirmed to AWHPC last week that, in the wake of Congress' budget vote, the agency plans to launch new roundups in July, days after the end of "peak foaling season," May - June. 
BLM's success in convincing Congress to increase the wild horse program's budget at a time when funding for other federal programs was slashed can in part be attributed to support from western  Senators and Representatives under the sway of the powerful cattlemen's lobby. The cattlemen want mustangs removed from public lands to make room for cheap, tax-subsidized livestock grazing. Only the power of the people can break the stranglehold that this special interest group has on Congress.
Help us spread the word and grow our grassroots network of taxpayers willing to stand up against the costly and cruel assault on our wild horses and burros. Please click here to easily send letters-to-the-editors of your local newspapers.   Read MORE...

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