Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Introducing a New Link for Wild Horses

Here is a new useful link for wild horse advocates. It is from a friend in Canada. PLEASE check it out, and add it to your frequently visited sites. You can find it in our links here under "Wild Horses" links in the left column.

New Link: The Last Wild Horses

by Will Travis Slim Davis :'They got a right to live, that's all.Slim Davis 1908-2002:"They got a right to live."
Exciting discovery - bred-in-the-wild Spanish mustang. See Shandi, click below
ShandiShandi    RIP Shandi  1977-2004
Key new research paper concludes "Horses are indisputably native fauna." Click here
 Contact numbers belowToLinksWarning:Gruesome photo HORSE SLAUGHTER STATISTICSBackground & Endangerment of Mustangs in CanadaThe Slim Davis StoryMustang Reading List

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