Saturday, January 21, 2012

Horse truck driver alleges abuse

Ch 4 WSMV Nashville

A trucker who says he unknowingly drove horses to their deaths at a border slaughterhouse is telling his story to Channel 4.
He doesn't want his name used because he now works for another company, so we agreed to call him "Bob."
Bob made a run for Three Angels Farms in Lebanon in 2010. He says the owner, Dorian Ayache, lied to him and told him he would be hauling a load of cattle to Texas. Bob says when he arrived to pick up the cattle, he was told the plan had changed and that he would be delivering horses to Texas.
They loaded about 70 horses on two livestock trailers; the driver says he immediately felt uncomfortable when Ayache began striking the horses with a fiberglass rod when they were reluctant to board the trailer. Read MORE...

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