Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Urge BLM to Cancel All Plans to Remove Idaho Mustangs from the Range

American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

Agency Targeting Nearly 100 Wild Horses for Removal from Hardtrigger & Black Mountain Herd Management Areas

Click below to watch video of a few of the beautiful horses living in the Hardtrigger HMA. 

Comments are due by January 31, 2012.
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Boise, Idaho District Office is targeting nearly 100 wild horses for permanent removal from their high desert homes in the Hardtrigger and Black Mountain Herd Management Areas (HMAs).

The BLM has opened a scoping period and is seeking public comments for the proposed roundup. The agency is portraying this action as a Catch-Treat-And-Release (CTR) operation in which horses will be captured and released after mares are treated with the PZP fertility control vaccine.
However, if, as the BLM expects, the populations in the two HMAS are at or over the "Allowable Management Level" (AML) of 190 horses, the agency will remove approximately 94 mustangs. This will leave behind just 30 wild horses in Black Mountain and 66 horses in Hardtrigger. Meanwhile, the agency authorizes hundreds of private livestock to graze this public lands area. 
The scoping period is the time during the planning process when the BLM seeks suggestions from the public about what information and alternatives to consider in the roundup plan and Environmental Assessment.

Please take a moment to submit your comments below and urge the BLM to forgo the removal of any horses and to instead humanely manage the herds on the range, leaving these unique mustang herds to live and die on the lands where they were born.


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