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ASPCA | Advocacy Center

ASPCA | Advocacy Center

USA: Ask Your Rep to Reject the Gardner Amendment to Allow Inhumane Transport of Horses
US H.R. 7—American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act
ASPCA Position:
Oppose amendment to strip the ban on double-decked horse transport.
Action Needed: Contact your U.S. representative in Washington, D.C., and ask him or her to oppose the Gardner Amendment and any other alteration to H.R. 7 that would remove language banning the transport of horses in double-decked trailers.

HorseThe U.S. House of Representatives will soon vote on a large transportation bill that includes language to ban double-decker horse transport, regardless of destination. Unfortunately, Representative Gardner (R-CO) offered a last-minute amendment to the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act that strips the horse transport ban from the bill. In order to protect our horses, we must urge the rest of the House to quickly reject the Gardner Amendment.

Double-decked trailers are dangerous and inhumane when used to transport horses. The U.S. Department of Agriculture already bans the use of these trailers for horses bound for slaughter, stating: “We do not believe that equines can be safely and humanely transported on a conveyance that has an animal cargo space divided into two or more stacked levels.” (9 CFR Parts 70 & 88)

Double-decked trailers are designed for cattle and other short-necked livestock—not horses. Because horses are significantly taller and require more head room, these trailers cannot physically provide enough space to stand upright, leading to unstable footing, falls, injuries, trampling, and death.

What You Can Do
This bill is moving fast—please act today. Urge your U.S. representative to oppose the Gardner Amendment to the House transportation bill, which would allow cruel, dangerous double-decked horse transport to continue on our nation’s roads.

First, use the form below to email your U.S. representative. Don’t forget to add your own message in the box provided.

Second, follow up with a brief, polite call to your representative’s D.C. office. Tell your rep that as a constituent, you care about the humane treatment of horses—they should not be transported to any destination in cruel and unsafe double-decked trailers. You can use the text on this page as talking points. Don’t be intimidated by the call—it’s easy, fast and by far the most effective thing you can do! Look up your representative's name and phone number here. Thank you for your help, animal advocates!
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