Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Save Our Horses Adult Letter Writing Campaign

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Dedicated to the Horses who Shed their Blood, Gave up their Freedom and Lost their Lives for BLM.
Equine Rights Advocates.  We are now in Phase 2 of the Letter Writing Campaign to totally stop  horse slaughter for human consumption in the US as well as the transport and export of US horses for slaughter.
Our goal is the passage of Senate Bill 1176 and House Bill 2966 the American Slaughter Horse Slaughter Prevention act and Canadian Bill 322 An Act to amend the Health of Animals Act and the Meat Inspection Act (slaughter of horses for human consumption). As well as the ensuring the defunding of the inspection of horse slaughter by the USDA in the Ag Appropriation Bill by the inclusion of the Moran Amendment.
Final date for submission of letters is September 15th, 2012 with presentation in DC on September 20th, 2012.
In the letters we recommend the following talking points. First address the letters to Congress and the President
  1. Taxes/Budget – the food safety budget was cut with last year’s Ag appropriations bill, how can the USDA justify taking away money from inspecting animals we raise as food and which we eat, to inspect a meat not raised under food safety guidelines.  Money would be better spent ensuring that better inspection of current food stuffs be completed so that outbreaks of listeria, ecoli, salmonella, etc do not occur and lives are not lost as a result.
  2. Food Safety – we have strict guidelines under shich our food animals must be raised, yet horses are not raised for food under those food safety guidelines.  We give our horses which are banned by the FDA, CFIA and EUFSA from use in ANY animal intended for human consumption at any time in it’s life.  Currently CFIA does not even test for BUTE.  The FDA classifies horses as companion animals.
  3. Horse Slaughter was not and is not humane.
  4. There are other options to handle horses who’s owners find themselves in financial straights and those options are being expanded all over the country.  It’s time the government and the breed registries get behind these options.  Hay banks, shelter in place programs, retraining options, low cost gelding and euthanasia.
In addition when you send your letter, please include a copy of it, also if you have a horse, cut off the label on a product you use, de-wormer, Bute, etc… and attach it to the letter and make a copy as well. Then foward your letter to:
Letter Writing Campaign to End Horse Slaughter
Attn: Jo-Claire Corcoran
3009 Beach Grove Court,  Apt #11
Jeffersonville In 47130
Please Click HERE ] for further information on what you can do to Stop Slaughter of American Horses for Human Consumption, a petition to sign, and information on the Video Campaign for Equine Rights.

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