Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wild Horses: Removals From Cloud’s Pryor Mountain Herd Continue

Wild Hoofbeats

Cloud’s band last month with his family runs to the waterhole
I just spent two days in the Pryor Mountains of Montana. Normally this time of year it is a beautiful and peaceful place to be.  Most of the horses in the herd are up in the high meadows, foals are playing, and it is peaceful, especially in the early mornings, my favorite time to be out photographing them.

The sign in front of the trap
Not any more.  Near the large reservoir water hole, there is a bait trap set up by the BLM in order to capture the 40 young horses they plan to remove from their homes and freedom forever.  There are panels with mesh around them, two openings, and in the middle of the trap, goodies for the horses which can include mineral blocks, hay and other items that the horses tend to find irresistible.
Please visit the site to read more and see the pictures.. This is so very sad.

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