Sunday, July 29, 2012

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Equine Welfare Alliance

Here is more information on the infamous Three Angels Farm as well as three articles, one that indicates he is allegedly operating again under a new name...

A total of 5 complaints have been filed for USDA transport violations. If prosecuted, the violations would bring huge fines but to date, no one has been charged.


Apparently, the articles that stated Governor Christie signed the bill banning horse slaughter [that prompted our email stating the same] were incorrect. The governor has not signed the bill and now, the Farm Bureau is asking the governor not to sign because of an amendment that was tacked on regarding horse transport.

This is the message issued by the New Jersey Farm Bureau. We encourage calls to the governor's office to sign the bill without delay 609.292.6000.

Horse owners who have any reason to transport their horses on New Jersey roadways are within a stroke of Governor Christie's pen of being susceptible to an SPCA officer's random inspection of you and your horse trailer. Why?  Because HSUS asked for and received a spur-of-the-moment amendment in the Assembly Agriculture Committee just before the ban on horse slaughter bill final vote was taken. Despite our requests with sponsor Asm. Ronnie Dancer subsequently, the amendment remains in the bill and we think will expose you and anyone transporting horses to the unwarranted highway stops of SPCA officers.

That the bill's purpose of banning horse slaughter is superfluous when New Jersey has no such facility available is now beside the point. That the human standards rules of the Department of Agriculture that address horse transport are being trampled upon is also being missed. This bill is a huge step backward for livestock agriculture in New Jersey and ought to prompt your immediate reaction.


Wallis had posted that inspections would start in November or January and there are a few articles floating around hinting at the same. We are hearing that there may not be a vote so that would mean a continuing resolution [for a period of time] that would carry over the current budget. If this happens, we can still get the defunding language back in the bill when the vote takes place so do not despair! The amendment will be reintroduced and we start calling/faxing again...

Something very important to keep in mind is that although inspections have been reinstated, no funding has been given. The inspection budget was slashed and without additional funding for horse inspections, should inspections be allowed, that means less inspectors for our traditional food supply. We already know that we need more food inspectors, not less. Be sure to let your legislator hear from you, loud and clear, we do not want our food supply further compromised for unnecessary, unwanted horse inspections.

The petition to defund inspections now has over 40,000 signatures. Be sure to sign this petition [it has been given to several legislators] if you haven't done so already. They are watching this! 

Off Topic - Shelter in Georgia

We know many of you are involved in dog/cat rescues as well as equine efforts. Nona brought this to my attention and I thought I'd pass it on to you. It's regarding a no-kill shelter that has been euthanizing animals. The below article details one owner's torment in finding out his dog was euthanized in spite of an email stating he was adopted by a wonderful family.

We hear the director has now been fired but there is no word on the dogs that people have been trying to locate.

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