Saturday, November 29, 2014

Breaking News!

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Breaking News!

We were just informed that Michael Scannell, Director of the Food and Veterinary Office of the EU Commission, announced publicly that the EU Commission plans to STOP all horse meat imports from Mexico and further restrict all horse meat imports from Canada! 

The announcement was made during the recent European Parliament's Intergroup meeting in Brussels where issues regarding horse meat imports from third countries were discussed.

Animals’ Angels is very excited to see this development, we have worked tirelessly together with our EU partners to provide the EU Commission with best information available regarding the horse slaughter industry in Mexico, Canada and the United States, such as the complete lack of traceability, the fraudulent identification paperwork as well as the incredible amount of cruelty involved in the trade. AA’s Swiss partner organization, the Tierschutzbund Zurich, was present at the Intergroup meeting and again showed our investigation videos and reports to representatives of the EU Commission and an international audience.

After the Tierschutzbund Zurich presentation, Michael Scannell announced that the EU Commission was “very close” to imposing a formal ban on all horse meat imports from Mexico. He admitted that the transport conditions were completely unacceptable and that animal welfare concerns had certainly influenced the Commission’s decision.

We will keep you posted on any further development. Should Europe really ban all exports from Mexico, the Mexican plants will lose their main market for horse meat, which will make the exports of US horses to Mexico for slaughter obsolete.

Thank you all for all your incredible support and your tireless efforts on behalf of our horses, without you none of this would have been possible.

You can listen to the entire meeting here:
(Select latest meeting) The announcement of a potential ban is at min 53:00

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