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Wild Horses – Photographing the Wyoming Checkerboard Horses in Canon City

Straight from the Horse's Heart

by Carol Walker, Director of Field Documentation, Wild Horse Freedom Federation
The beautiful boys 1-4 years old in pen 3 were curious about us
As many of you know, it was quite a process obtaining permission to photograph the wild horses rounded up last month in Wyoming’s Checkerboard Areas who are now in Canon City Short Term Holding at the prison facility.  However, on Monday, no one could have been more helpful and accommodating than Fran Ackley and Brian Hardin, who spent 4 1/2 hours with us, taking us to every pen, and making sure we could get good angles, tag numbers, and good views of the horses.  They want these horses to go to good homes.
Fran Ackley was an excellent guide

I did my best to photograph as many horses as possible and have their tag numbers visible for people interested in adopting them.  I did not photograph every horse – some were behind other horses, and the sheer number was overwhelming.
You are welcome to download and use the photos for identification purposes and to send to Lona Kossnar, but please respect my copyright and do not use them for anything else without my permission.  You are also welcomed and encouraged to share these with anyone who is interested in adopting a horse or horses.
Beautiful young mares 1-4 years old in pen 21

I have broken the photos down into age groups.
First are the foals and weanlings in this link:
Images 1-5 in pen 13A, images 6-57 are in the two adjoining weanling pens, 36C and 36D, images 146-149 are in pen 23.
Then the young mares, ages 1-4 in this link:
Images 59-93 are in pen 21, images 94-100 are in pen “No Man’s Land”, images 101-125 are in pen 22 and images 126-145 are in pen 25.
Then the young stallions, (soon to be gelded) ages 1-4 in this link:
Images 150-155 are in pen 8B, images 156-225 are in pens 3 and F, images 226-246 are in pen G.
Two stunning weanlings, a dun 9135 and a grulla 9133 in pen 36C

I will be posting the images of the older mares and stallions, 5 and up, when I get to them – should be in the next couple of days, please check back.
You can use the neck tag numbers on the horses for identification purposes.
Some notes about the horses – the 9000 numbers are from Great Divide Basin, the 7000 numbers are from Salt Wells Creek and Adobe Town.  They do not list any horses as being from Adobe Town, but there are Adobe Town horses mixed in with the Salt Wells Creek horses.
These are NOT all the horses brought in during the Checkerboard Roundup.  The other 600+ are at Rock Springs Corrals.  They are not ready for adoption there yet.  There are also about 100 weanlings and yearlings and two year olds from Salt Wells Creek that went to Axtell, Utah’s wild burro facility.
There are no burros in Wyoming, Marjorie, but there are burros at Canon City! Ginger makes a few friends.
Several of us have photos posted of these horses out there, so there is no guarantee that a horse pictured will still be available.  I am not in charge of adoption, I am only the photographer.
The next adoption day event is November 21st (but you can call to adopt at anytime with an approved adoption application). Information about the event, how to find out more about individual horses or to download adoption forms can be found at these links:
Through the Canon City BLM office, the first 150 miles of shipping is FREE!  There are group shipping options as well for folks that are interested in the horses, but live a distance away.  Please contact the BLM office directly for specifics.
Lona Kossnar at (719) 269-8539, or email her at
Please be kind to and patient with Lona – she will have LOTS of folks contacting her and I know she will do her very best to help all of you!
Pam Nickoles was also there photographing and you can view her images here:
( entitled “Canon City BLM Checkerboard Horses”
And Amanda Wilder, who has images on her Facebook page with each horse identified by tag number:
The weather changed just as we were leaving – we had good timing!

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