Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mustangs Needing Homes, Sept. 26th is Adoption Day

From Cloud Foundation Blog

Click here for BLM Adoption Information

It is our goal to get the older horses released and for younger horses to be adopted by the best homes possible. We have told the BLM that we felt secure in finding homes for 20 young horses (1-3 year olds). With the massive removal complete and 54 horses (3 of those mares with foals at their sides) up for adoption and possible sale, more good homes are necessary. Many people are not pleased that the Cloud Foundation is not attempting to keep all 57 together but with the thousands of horses around the country needing rescued and 33,000+ wild horses in long and short-term holding (numbers vary greatly), we do not feel that the younger horses who go to good homes are in need of rescue.

It is a horrific thing to see family bands splintered, but the young horses whose families are now back in the wild without them do make very suitable adoption horses and life partners. With mountain lion hunting continuing in the Pryors and no legal range expansion, the natural management of this herd at 200+ animals cannot be accomplished and it is necessary for BLM to remove a limited number of YOUNG horses from time to time. We do not agree with this non-selective removal of the four bands living on Commissary Ridge (Conquistador, Bo, Shane and Trigger with their families plus the blue roan bachelor stallion Floyd who never should have been removed).

If you are interested, please fill out an application today. With all our work trying to stop this unnecessary roundup from moving forward and then trying to stop it when young foals were coming in lame and older horses being removed, we are behind. Your patience and understanding and support is valued beyond belief and we’re running as fast as we can to get things together to rescue the 13 older horses and others if necessary. BLM’s National Adoption Day is September 26th and that is part of the reasoning that BLM gave for rounding up these horses when the foals are so young. We fully support the adoption of wild horses removed to manage populations at suitable levels of genetic viability and to sustain their ranges…. the Pryors case does not fall in that category but we are now in the position of needing to find good homes for a lot more animals. The market is flooded with horses and rescues are overloaded. This is not the time to remove wild horses, especially with over 8,000 in short-term holding who would be great adoption candidates. But the BLM is trying to adopt 1000 horses on National Adoption Day and due to the uniqueness of these very Spanish wild horses and the popularity of this herd, these horses have a higher likelihood of being adopted.

You can find out more about adopting a wild horse via the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program by clicking here. You can fill out an online application or print one off to mail or fax in.

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