Saturday, September 26, 2009

Unofficial update on Wild Horse Adoption Day!

Updates from Carol Walker:

1) Great news from Pryor Mountain Adoption! All 57 horses either adopted or sold to good homes. Big Thanks to all Freedom Fund donors, and supporters, and I say great work Ginger, Makendra, and all of the Cloud Foundation.

2) Conquistador gets to have his mare Cavaletta with him, and the four bands of Forest Service horses, including Floyd, that the Cloud Foundation was trying to keep together, will be together, all 15 going to a ranch of Laura Pivonka. Conquistador went... for the highest $ value as someone was trying to outbid the Cloud Foundation - $2500!

3) Ember and Image get to stay together at a great home, Ginger took Sax, other great homes were found for Rain, Arrow, Sage, Helena Montana, Stiles, Cassidy, and the lame foal and mare - the foal is looking better by the way. Again thanks to all who helped. This is a wonderful outcome!


  1. What happened with Grumpy Grulla? Did she get to stay with her family or was she adopted out by a private individual?
    Thank you all for ALL of your hard work in keeping these beloved horses safe... May the next roundup be as protected as the Pryor Mountain horses... We need to make sure that we have humane observers (more than one) at all the other roundups slated for this fall.

  2. I emailed Ginger at the Cloud Foundation and asked her about Grumpy Grulla. She wasn't listed. I haven't heard back yet.