Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Documents regarding Dallas Crown horse slaughter plant in Kaufman, Texas.

Kaufman Zoning

(The Cave documents were recently found on 04/06/2012)
The Cave documents are a timeline and journal entries from the time soon after Dallas Crown was allowed to reopen in 1986. The journal describes police advising that "several thousand gallons of blood had run," "blood running down the road," an attempt to cover up blood with a bulldozer & sand, and that everything from the plant flows down to the creek to Ft. Worth's water supply.
The short, 7 month long timeline documents a variety of problems including a horse's leg by the side of the road, a dead horse left out for almost 24 hours, green flies and disturbing sounds and odors.
The 1991 newspaper account notes Dallas Crown's "improper practices" regarding waste disposal and the denial of the plant's request to put in a septic system (!)
By 2005 newspaper reporting described Dallas Crown as a 'supplier' while describing violations as "claims" by the City, citing a total of 7 violations when Dallas Crown had amassed several hundred violations. Read more here.

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