Sunday, April 29, 2012

Where a Lot of us Started.....

Many of us started our quest to end horse slaughter when Barbaro, the famous race horse, was critically injured at the Preakness in May 2006.

Ironically, Today is Barbaro's birthday. He would be nine, had he survived.

On this bittersweet day, Barbaro's sire Dynaformer died at the age of 27. It is the end of an era. Shedding a few tears here....

Barbaro, son of Dynaformer

Premier Stallion Dynaformer Dies at 27


One of the Thoroughbred racing's premier stallions, Dynaformer, died at the age of 27 at Robert and Blythe Clay’s Three Chimneys Farm April 29.

The stallion had been pensioned after suffering an aortic valve rupture the afternoon of April 14 while in his stall.

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