Thursday, April 19, 2012

Saving America's Mustangs | Madeleine's Mustangs

Saving America's Mustangs | Madeleine's Mustangs

Dear Friends and Supporters,
We are elated to share the announcement from the Bureau of Land management that they are prepared to move forward with the wild horse eco-sanctuary that I have proposed in Elko County, Nevada. I want to personally thank the thousands upon thousands of supporters of Saving America’s Mustangs that have weighed in with their support over the past few years and for sticking with us throughout this journey. We could not have done it without each of you.
I also want to thank the BLM and the multitude of their great staff that have worked diligently on this project over the past few years.  Their support and the many hours they put into that effort is sincerely appreciated.  While we may not have always agreed on every fine point during our early work, I think we always knew we were breaking new ground and moving in the direction of new horizons where the care and management of the Nation’s wild horses are concerned.  Nothing of this magnitude is ever accomplished without a difference of opinion and our ability to persevere and work together is essential to the success of this project.  And it is important to point out that there is so much hard work left to do and maintaining a good working relationship will ultimately determine how successful we are in moving forward and setting the stage for future successes.
SAM stands ready to take on these challenges and work diligently with the BLM to finalize our agreement so that we can actually take the first group of 900 horses from the pens they stand in to once again enjoy the freedom of the open spaces of Nevada.  We are working diligently at the Spruce and Warm Creek ranches and to prepare them for this exciting adventure and sincerely hope that our efforts there will produce new economic opportunities for Elko County and a place we can all be proud of.
We are pleased to continue to update you on further developments as we all make this journey together.  We look forward to the day when you can come to Mustang Monument and behold the wonders of that beautiful piece of heaven in northern Nevada, and the magnificent wild horses that will spend their lives there.
Your Friend,
Madeleine Pickens & all the mustangs (that are finally coming home!!)

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