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Necropsy results from horses killed in HBO series “Luck” may result in charges

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Vickery Eckhoff, writing for Forbes, states:
HBO may be “heartbroken” about the demise of “Luck” but if Matthew Chew, Heidi Agnic, DVM, and David Milch are found to have violated any laws, they may have plenty more to cry about.
Necropsy reports and eyewitness accounts reveal that recently cancelled HBO series “Luck” ran old, unfit, drugged horses. Three Thoroughbreds are reported to have died during filming.
Eckhoff reports the following about the plight of two of the horses, who suffered fractured legs while simulating a race, and were put down.
Outlaw Yodeler had received a potent cocktail of muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory and painkilling drugs, including Butorphanol, which is administered to horses undergoing certain types of surgery. He also showed evidence of suffering from severe pain and inflammation and had raced only once in 2010, possibly due to injury or because he was physically unfit.
Marc’s Shadow was arthritic and out of shape according to multiple witnesses. These allegations are confirmed by his necropsy report, which describes “degenerative arthrosis to both the right carpus and the left carpus” and an injury in which his “leg exploded into more than 19 pieces, some of which were poking through his skin,” according to an equine veterinarian who reviewed the report for PETA.
Evidence was sent to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, and a full investigation called for. Charges may result for violation of Cal. Penal Code § 597.
It comes no surprise to us that one or more track veterinarians reportedly employed by HBO passed these horses fit, or had given them painkilling, injury masking drugs. From the many accounts we have received over the years, this is par for the course in horse racing, something they do day in and day out with what seems little or no conscience or interference from management or its myriad governing bodies.
This quote from Eckhoff’s article sums it up tragically but neatly in the case of the horses killed in the filming of “Luck”:
” . . .so the “safety protocol” boasted by HBO and the American Humane Association is showing itself to be the steaming pile of PR that it always was.”
Killing racehorses is nothing new for the horse racing industry, whether it is during training, on the racecourse or in the slaughterhouse.
I wish horse racing would kill itself off more quickly than it is so more horses are spared this ongoing madness.
Speaking of madness:
The Jockey Club are trying to rebrand itself in order to draw new fans with the launch of its new website, America’s Best Racing ( I take it these fans they are after are people who have not yet heard horror stories like these, or Barbaro, Eight Belles, Ruffian; the list goes on.
To combat March Madness the Jockey Club are spreading the word about their new website on Twitter using the hashtag #TheOtherMadness. Forget #TheOtherMadness. We suggest #TheUtterMadness.
We keep hearing how much the people in horse racing love the horses, and it is a handful of rotten apples who commit the atrocities that plague this industry. To be blunt, where are your balls? Why don’t you take a stand and demand changes if you outnumber the evildoers to such a degree? Have you all been gelded?
Please note: The photograph used here is a random image, and not connected to the HBO series “Luck”.


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