Thursday, April 12, 2012

Letter: Uncaring horse owner should be put out to pasture

Williams News

To the editor:

In the Red Lake area of Williams, there are about eight or nine horses roaming the land, supposedly permit grazing, but there is no grass here to graze. The horses are starving. This cruelty to these animals needs to stop and the owners need to be made responsible for this neglect.

This is one incident that I myself have personally experienced. One of the sick horses (white with a brown face) has been coming onto my property for the past 10 days drinking the water out of my dogs' bucket and licking the bird seed off my rocks. The horse is covered with ticks, which I personally pulled of the horse's body. His exposed ribs and hipbones made it obvious that it has been starving for some time.

The owner came out to the area seeing the horse in this state. He pushed the horse off my property onto the empty lot on the other side of the road stating he would be back the next day to put the horse down, which saddened me, but I was relieved that the horse would be put out of its suffering. He also stated the horse was going blind.

Guess what? Three days later this same horse was on my property again. I personally believe that this man had no intentions in coming back to put the horse down, but was leaving it out in this area to die, but something interrupted his plan. These horse owners have no heart and should be put out to pasture to starve themselves.

Marion McCullough


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