Monday, August 2, 2010

Here is some coverage of the rally we attended on Saturday

Stand with Arizona
We're very pleased to report that the National Immigration Policy Summit was a huge success!

Rather than reinvent the wheel, we'll direct you to the excellent work of others who covered the Summit.  Blogger and photographer Kim Mattina put together a very nice write-up, with some gorgeous photos.  Big Dave posted a very nice slideshow of the Saturday Night rally.  FOX10 Phoenix covered the Friday Memorial ServiceThe Arizona Republic covered both the Candlelight Vigil and the Rally.  Reuters covered the Rally., as did the Mail Tribune, the Sonoran Weekly, and many other news outlets.  Moonbattery posted photos and commentary of the Summit.  Tea Party Patriots Blog, ResistNet and One Old Vet also covered the Summit.  Charles Benninghoff posted additional commentary HERE.

An event like this is not carried off by one person, or even a few, but only through the combined efforts of dozens of volunteers and donors and hundreds of grassroots activists spreading the word and participating.  First of all, we must thank Ted Hayes for originally approaching the rest of the coalition members with his vision for the Summit.  This was Ted's vision, and Ted's event, from the very beginning. We can all thank Senator Russell Pearce for hosting the event, and Eric Johnson for his excellent work heading up the organizing committee.  Jennifer Patentreger did an incredible job handling the details of the Memorial Service, Candlelight Vigil, Law and Policy Seminars and Saturday Night Rally.  Tim Rafferty, Rich Martin, and the whole Riders USA team deserve our gratitude for handling security for parking and vendors.  Jim Cooney and his team from Riders Against Illegal Aliens did an outstanding job handling general event security.  Nick D'Orazio did great work setting up the livestream, thereby allowing thousands of viewers to watch the event remotely.

The always-amazing Michelle Malkin was incredibly helpful to us in spreading the word about the Summit to patriots across the nation, and we owe Michelle our eternal thanks for her continued support of the cause of secure borders.  Michelle's agreement to join us for the Summit was a welcome and unexpected surprise.  Michelle has been a strong and courageous leader in this fight, and we can't overemphasize how critical Michelle's leadership has been, and will continue to be.

Each and every one of you who contributed even a dollar to the summit can take pride in your support of an excellent event!  We cannot thank you enough for your support.

The event could not have been a success without the support of our many coalition partners, participants and supporters.  We must thank America's Black ShieldGrassfire NationNumbersUSA, F.A.I.R.RidersUSA, Riders Against Illegal AliensAmericans Against Illegal Immigration, Southern California Tax Revolt and The Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas., along with the many other groups supporting this event in many ways large and small.

We offer our sincerest thanks to all of our speakers and seminar participants, including:

Professor John Eastman of Chapman University
Former INS Special Agent Michael Cutler
Patrick Charles of the Immigration Reform Law Institute
Jack Martin of F.A.I.R.
Author Mason Weaver, host of The Mason Weaver Show
Fernando Trevino of the Young Consservatives of Texas
Chad MacDonald of NumbersUSA
James Spencer of America's Black Shield

Of course, we enjoyed and appreciated the support of many tea parties who supported us and helped us spread the word, including, but not limited to:
 The Arizona Tea Party Network
 Spartanburg Tea Party
 Greater Phoenix Tea Party
 East Valley Tea Party Patriots
 Central Valley Tea Party
 Glendale Tea Party
We welcomed the great coverage and exposure we received on a wide variety of websites, including The Jawa ReportDiggers' Realm, ImmigrationBuzz.comIllegalIllegals.comDesertConservative.comThe Read My Lipstick NetworkIllegal Alien News Update, ALIPACBefore It's NewsWake Up AmericaFree RepublicPolitifi.comPaperboyo.comRestore America NowMcCain Alert.

Finally, we'd like to thank the dozens of patriots across the country helped to spread the word via posts on TWITTERFACEBOOK and MEETUP.

Thanks to all of you for making this event the huge success that it was!

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