Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Message from the Wind Dancer Foundation

Just passing this along.  
Very important. 
(I did not receive the orignal email.) Forward:
I received this last week from Michael Golembeski (michael@wind-dancer.org) of the Wind Dancer Foundation in Colorado.
He wanted this message to get passed on to as many people as possible...
I just talked with a legislative aide from Senator's Landrieu's office 
today. I asked if they had e-mails of support would they use them. Due 
to our being out of her state, the office can't respond but would take 
the e-mails of support for the wild horse program. Yet, yourself, 
Cloud Foundation, Return to Freedom and other reputable blogs need to 
post this message.
Today in an article (Horseback magazine) entitled, "Plenty of Water at 
the Nevada roundup - and dead horses too!! Senator Landrieu made the 
following comment; A firestorm of outrage has swept across the desert 
sands of Nevada and the nation at what many believe is a government 
that has turned rogue. U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu, (D) La has 
proposed that her colleagues consider removing the Wild Horse and 
Burro Program
from federal Bureau of Land Management control.

And fifty-four members of Congress have petitioned Interior Secretary 
Ken Salazar to end the capture of wild horses on land controlled by 
the BLM. They have asked the National Academy of Science to 
investigate the agency’s Wild Horse and Burro Program.

The message;

So, please take the time tonight to write an e-mail to Senator 
and support that notion...... to remove the Wild Horse & 
Burro program from the BLM.

Senator Mary Landrieu (D- LA) 202-224-5824, fax 202-224-9735http://landrieu.senate.gov/about/contact.cfm

michael golembeski

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