Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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Here is the latest alert from The Cloud Foundation -Don't fence me in!

Opposition to Watersheds/Ruby mitigation fund

Senator Dean A. Rhoads (R-Tuscarora), chair of the Legislative Committee on Public Lands, announced the committee has completed its work for the 2009-2010 interim and is recommending 10 legislative measures to the 2011 Legislature. The final meeting of the committee was held July 30 in Ely, during which the committee approved a total of 35 recommendations for legislative or committee action, covering a wide spectrum of issues ranging from water rights to rangeland policies to federal land management planning. Many of the approved recommendations had been suggested to the committee by regional or state organizations, local governments and interested citizens.

The first recommendation approved by the committee was to send letters to Nevada's Congressional Delegation, the Secretary of the Interior, and the Governor, opposing the recently announced agreement between the El Paso Corporation and the Western Watersheds Project (WWP) that created a $15 million mitigation fund in exchange for WWP withdrawing its objections to El Paso's Ruby Pipeline project in northern Nevada. The Committee's letters will also express its disappointment that the public and the livestock industry were not consulted during the negotiation of the agreement with WWP. Finally, the Committee will urge Nevada's Congressional Delegation and the Governor to oppose any federal legislation that would allow the permanent retirement of grazing permits on public lands. Appearing at the meeting to testify on the El Paso agreement with WWP and express their anger and concerns were the Nevada Cattlemen's Association, Western Legacy Alliance, and several county commissioners....

Ron Rondeaux , Crow Indian Horseman, speaks out for America's Wild Horses.

Desert Independent
SUSANVILLE, Calif - California doesn't have many and very few wild burros left but that, along with a public outcry, has not stopped the Bureau ...

This is very interesting about Jason Miller from Thomas Paine's corner. It's lengthy but worth the read. There is mention of his investigation of a kill buyer and a campaign to stop a state law legalizing horse slaughter.

He's committed no crimes save for civil disobedience, yet Jason Miller is the subject of a year-long investigation by the FBI as well as police harassment and legal red tape. His experience is another example of the Green Scare, which is designed to intimidate above-ground animal and environmental activists. 

Recently, Bite Club of KC canvassed two heavily trafficked night spots in Kansas City, educating thousands of people about the University of Kansas Medical Center's fraudulent waste of millions of our taxpayer dollars (which they attain via National Institute of Health grants) on fraudulent research AND about the abject cruelty (as evidence by the 160 violations of animal welfare laws for which the USDA cited them) that KU Med inflicts upon primates....

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