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Why MSNBC Won't Cover Wild Horse Abuse by the BLM

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MSNBC Editor-in-Chief Jerry Nachman

Read Jerry Nachman's promo and you might be impressed:
"He's been everywhere, he knows everybody, and now Jerry Nachman is bringing his wealth of knowledge and experience to viewers each day on MSNBC. A former radio reporter, newspaper Editor-in-Chief, and even Hollywood screenwriter, it's hard to find someone who is more media savvy than our own Editor-in-Chief."
Nachman is obviously a legend in his own mind, but we aren't buying it. If Nachman were credible, he would not have done a ridiculously flawed, inaccurate, completely unbalanced fluffy promo for the Rodeo Mafia called "Real Cowboys" on December 12, 2002.
The piece started out with a picture depicting steer wrestling, with Nachman's face superimposed over the contestant's face. So up front we learn that Jerry's fantasy is to be in the rodeo. How special. But that was just the beginning.
Nachman claimed that 22,000,000 people attended rodeos in 2002, more than the attendance of the National Hockey League, the National Basketball Association and the National Football League, according to "Rodeo Jerry."
Nachman could have only gotten those outrageous figures from the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) -- an organization known for putting figures together any way that suits them. The PRCA is best known for its ridiculously low animal injury statistics which the organization refuses to explain.
Jerry Nachman claimed college rodeos are sanctioned by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). SHARK's research indicates that is completely false.
Jerry Nachman says he became "addicted" to rodeos when he lived in California and New Mexico. This is the United States of America, and we will be the first to acknowledge that if Jerry Nachman was to kiss the feet of animal abusers, he may do so, but a journalist has a duty to report in an unbiased manner, his "addiction" not withstanding. Nachman utterly failed that crucial test. Jerry, we've known real journalists, and you are no journalist.
How ridiculous did Nachman's show get? Nachman had no animal protectors on his program to refute the propaganda of the Rodeo Mafia in the areas of cruelty and injuries. Nachman apparently has no problem with the editing of televised rodeos that eliminates rules violations, and animal injuries and deaths. Televised rodeos also eliminate the most cruel portions of even rodeo events, such as the moment that a calf is clotheslined by the rope, which can result in a broken neck.
Why would a reporter who, as his promo states, has won "...the prestigious Peabody and Edward R. Murrow awards" pose the issue of rodeo animal cruelty and injuries to rodeo contestants -- the very people who inflict those cruelty and injuries?
Nachman's promo proclaims that "his insightful yet straightforward approach is refreshing in a world of long-winded pundits and hot air." Given the evidence of rodeo cruelty presented at, and the great work of caring reporters on record at, Nachman is just a blowhard who doesn't deserve to stand in the same room with true journalists.
In a weird twist later during his glorification of animal abuse, Nachman asks his phony cowboy friends what a rodeo groupie is called. "Buckle Bunnies," they replied. Nachman thought that was pretty funny. "I like that," Nachman said, "buckle bunnies."
Following Nachman's rodeo fantasy show, SHARK president Steve Hindi sent an E-mail to Jerry and explained the truth about rodeo cruelty and the animals abused, injured and killed, as well as the rampant violations of rodeo rules and state laws. Steve included the fact that rodeo people are afraid to debate, and offered to face off with rodeo people and/or Nachman on his show.
Not surprisingly Nachman, like other rodeo abusers and their supporters, did not respond. The offer is still open -- Steve Hindi is ready to debate Nachman and/or his rodeo buddies on Nachman's live television show. Let's see if Nachman has some guts, or if as we suspect, he's just a big mouth who can only dream of being a real man.
We have some parting questions for MSNBC Editor-in-Chief Jerry Nachman. What might you call a male version of a buckle bunny? We would call him Jerry Nachman. Did the PRCA pay you to dump your journalistic integrity, or did you give it away for nothing?
Come on, Jerry, you're supposed to be a journalist, not a brown-noser -- remember?

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