Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Help needed to place horses, dogs, cats: Phoenix area

Hi everybody.  I need some help place a few critters by July. 

I have had adds in 3 vets offices for 2 weeks.   I have talked to everybody I know, and finally today I am placing an add online, and sending out requests to everybody in my address book for help.  Networking my be my only option.

I have 2  8wk old female shep puppies.   Good chance they are purebred.

1  5yr old female shep un spayed, she chases cars, doesn't like being outside, and will kill cats.  She is the mother of the above pups.

I have 3 horses.  One 20 year old saddle bred that is unridable, but a great pet, sweet, but thin and gets sick easily, colic's if too hot or too cold.  Doesn't do well with temperature change.

One is an 9 year old Polish Arabian that does incredible tricks and belongs to my daughter.  Would like to have access to this horse if possible for her well-being, as she is devastated about lossing her pet, from whoever adopts him. 

And my personal horse, an 8 year old Missouri Fox Trotter.  Smooth, fast, and fun.

I would like to keep all 3 of them together, don't laugh too hard please.

Then there are 2 cats, both neutered and spayed and 4 paw declawed.  One is a 16 year old neutered 4 paw declawed male.  Yeah I know.  Not much life left here.  And his companion a 6 year old female spayed 4 paw declawed never been outside cat. The are disease free, and have NEVER been outside.

And last but not least, a desert turtle in rough shape.  Needs proper housing, I won't let go until I see habitat for it.  She is 7 years old, and she has a personality. 

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