Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kill Buyer Leaving Arizona!

This report is from Dave Quinn's neighbor, Margaret!

For all of you who showed interest in Quinn & his operation over the past several month's we thought it appropriate to inform you;  "Quinn is on the run."  He has moved every last horse including the black baby & is TEARING DOWN all the pipe corrals.  He's been moving thing's out for the past week or so which some of you didn't believe he was leaving as we said...He's definately moving;  Most likely to El Paso.  Not sure if we contacted each of you regarding his court date(s), June 30th, July 1st & 2nd on 'Reckless Indangerment' (Public Records) & quite sure he has no intention of attending.  Trying to avoid the inevitable which is jail for a long time.  Thank you to those who have been a HUGE support on our behalf.  Living next to this individual has been a nightmare & glad it's finally coming to an end in our neighborhood.  Please know we truly appreciate all your help & kind word's of support in this matter.  A extra huge thank you to Barbara Beck, Simone & Patty Shirley for your constant support & hanging in there with me when I didn't think taking one more step/effort was left in me against Quinn.  YOU made me a wiser & better person for having been educated on the horror's of horse slaughter & will never be ignorant to this horrendous business again & for that I will be forever grateful.  Please continue your effort's to save the horse's from this horrific business...Because without you the horse's don't stand a chance.

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  1. I know dave quinn by his wrong doings and I dont like the man either for how cruel he is to horses. However horse slaughter is a necessary evil. After slaughter houses closed down the cases of neglect and abuse sky rockted to eye popping numbers. Even now our horse rescuse are full to the brim and bursting with horses even they cant afford. The biggest problem here is that they are trying to save horses that are lame or not worth saving just because they are so old or have chronic pain. that a lone is a waste in money when they could be rescuing the young healthy horses that still could have a decent life IF someone had time to put into them. With the economy the way it is and many people working double shifts just to survive and many not being able to work at all. I dont see that happening. So yes horse slaughter is not an all together pleasant thought, but i think it beats horses being hauled 24hrs or more in double stock trailers that they cant even stand up in across the border to mexico where they ARE NOT slaughtered humanely and where IT IS NOT regulated or controlled or forced to be humane in their last moments.