Saturday, June 26, 2010

Urgent! TX Mares with foals going to slaughter...

New update 6.29.10 HERE

UPDATE 6.28.10:

Please contact and donate here:

Hi All...another crisis situation needs us!
Mares and foals need our help NOW! They will be arriving to the kill pen in the next 2 days. Mares will be shipped to slaughter on Tuesday. The KB shoots the foals.
Lynnette Hummell with Dancing Hooves Rescue in Port O' Connor, Texas is trying to save mares and their babies from being sent to slaughter. The kill buyer has purchased 100 mares, foals and stallions from a Quarter Horse breeder going out of business. There are 12 mares with foals. I can only imagine that the other mares are pregnant. :( She originally was attempting to just save the babies because of lack of funds to purchase the mares. I encouraged her to try and save both the mare and foal. . We are estimating each pair will cost $300. He hasn't confirmed price with her yet. We are trying to raise funds to save as many as possible. Our group will be offering a foster home to one of the pairs, but they still need fosters and homes for the others.
$3600 needed to buy all 12 mares with babies. $784 has been raised so far.
Fundraising Goal to save all of them...$2800.
We need donations to keep these mares and foals safe!!!
Any dollar amount will help us save their lives...$5, $10, $20, $50, $100.....
Paypal donations can be sent to Kristi at or Lynnette Hummel with
Dancing Hooves Rescue at

Snail :    Drop me an email for snail mail. 

See email below regarding these mares and foals....
"Baby horses in need of rescue.....

At the moment we are crazy busy trying to save what might be more than a dozen foals. The kill buyer bought about 100 head of horses, broodmares, some of them with foals at their sides. So we are trying to come up with some donations and especially some foster homes that can handle a foal that needs bottle feeding. The kill broker won't put foals on the truck because they won't make him any money. So he pulls them from their mothers as the mothers are loaded onto the truck. Then if they do not have somewhere to go he shoots them and buries them on his property. So we are working hard right now."

Basically this guy sells horses into Mexico, where they are slaughtered.   it's bad.

If any of you know of someone who can help please pass this along to them and have them contact me.  We only have a day or two to save the foals before they are killed. They are currently in Abilene, TX, but we will go get them for anyone who wishes to adopt!!!  Please help if you can."


  1. What a disgusting thug - it is a sad disgusting commentary on America that this is allowed to occur !

  2. Hi Everyone, Lynnette Hummel of Gunny's Dancing Hooves Rescue. We may have more time to save these guys since the breeder/seller has not brought them to the broker's place yet. The broker said since we have moved so many of his horses and have so much interest in this herd that the truck may not even come by this week. We can only hope since that will give us more time to organize.

  3. Great news, Lynnette. Please keep us posted!

  4. where on facebook are you... do you have a page?
    Sherry Osborn

  5. Someone posted this information on Facebook. Sent a donation to help you save a mare and foal - the amount estimated it would take. I have reposted this information on my Facebook account - lots of horse people out there! With my donation I sent contact information for future help. You are doing a remarkable job. This is a a bad as the PMU foals in Canada. Keep it up!

  6. I will try to post the link on Facebook. If the link doesn't work, search on Facebook for, "Americans Against Horse Slaughter in Arizona."

    Hope that works.

  7. You can find me on facebook Lynnette Hummel, my profile pic is of Gunny (1st rescue) and Boris (my Gypsy colt). We also have a Cause on Facebook called Dancing Hooves.

  8. kacwallace,

    There IS a Facebook link on this page, lower left.

  9. what will happen to the stallions?

  10. ANY who are not rescued will go to slaughter.

  11. Lynnette I told you the FB horse lovers wouldn't let you down. Stay strong it will be a very hard week. We will keep posting out.
    Maybe you should set up a page for Dancing Hoves on FB. Can you get pictures posted in an album. It would help to send them around.

  12. I'm on facebook posting and reposting and reposting this as much as I possibly can - a lot of people might be tapped out from the weekend rescues in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but new folks keep coming around...I keep adding friends every single day and they all have friends...

  13. Thanks, Annie. That's what works. Everybody tells somebody else! Good Job!

  14. Oh my word! I am floored.
    We are in the market for a new mare or gelding... would be willing to help with anyone who needs it.
    Currently our trailer is down... BUT IF there is anyone in the Conroe/The Woodlands area willing to drop here we would love to take someone or two in.

  15. Why can't we tell the govt to spend the money and the energy on cleaning up the Gulf Coast and not issuing $75-Million to kill horses...This breaks my heart...

    What at about the anti-slaughter bill in Congress?...

    Hand written notes might help...if we all send in a card, a note, maybe a photo of horses...a picture can tell a story a hundred words could never express...

    Lets do what we can and keep on Congress...

    Has anyone been in touch with Madeline Pickens?!/pages/Madeleine-Pickens-Wild-Horse-Sanctuary/163062350007?ref=ts

    Thank you,
    Christine Lafferty

  16. Holly Richardson...Contact Lynnette Hummell or myself regarding a gelding or mare. I am in Austin! 512-750-6776-Lynn or

  17. Christine Lafferty, realistically, our legislation is probably dead in the water for this Congress. That doesn't mean we quit, but many of us have doing this for so long that we know when it isn't worth pushing.

    By ALL means, contact your US Congressmen!

    Pickens only works on wild horses, I think. I don't know that she has come out against slaughter. I could be wrong.

  18. What is the status with these 100 horses? Is there more time? I'd like to change the info in the link to this I've been circulating so people don't think it's too late, if it isn't...
    any funds coming in - how much still needed?

  19. Yes, I have posted an update here:

  20. I got the update I needed except for the dollar amount. they have until July 6th to raise the money.