Wednesday, August 10, 2011

1,500 horses and 600 head of cattle starving in holding pen

Equine Welfare Alliance

We received word from several sources of 1500 horses and 600 head of cattle starving in Presido, Texas holding pens. We ask that if you have media contacts you make them aware of this and cross post to all your groups. Please continue to contact the governor's office because there are another 100 prison horses involved in this and they need to make certain that prison horses do not end up in pens heading to slaughter.

The information provided below from Amber at RUSH [and Kathleen H.], has been confirmed by the sheriff. Ray Field, Wild Horse Foundation, is trying to coordinate safe haven for the horses but from the last message received, it looks like minutes are of the essence. I am also in contact with an investigator and will provide any updates I receive.

If Ray Field is able to secure the horses and you'd like to help with expenses, there is information in the original message at the bottom of this email. I'm sure they'll posting information if they are able to save any of the horses and we'll pass along any info we receive, as well.

-This very disturbing info is the latest that came through when I was on the phone with Amber.

This was sent to me by Tony Cadwell who spoke to Ray Field on the public: American slaughter agent for inter meats is escorting Mexican inspector to holding facility moving horses as fast they can. Local deputy sheriff is following my guy because he's trying to track judge to sign cruelty order. Deputy keeps telling everyone where my guy is and the judge keeps moving. A horse theft report is being filed to prevent horses from crossing into Mexico. USDA won't stop crossing without case number and microchip numbers all on record. 300 have slipped across another 700-890 being man handled. Over 100 of these are Texas Dept of Corrections horses that weighed 1200 pounds or better and now are 800 if lucky...

-Amber will be providing updates on her facebook page. The below is the original information she had posted (via Ray Field):

Dead animals have been confirmed by a Presidio County Sheriff.  He was contacted last night. The animals have NO water.OK - Sheriff's are on the ground. THIS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED. Please start cross-posting everywhere, and contact the media ASAP!!!!!

1500 Horses and 600 cattle starving to death

by Ray Field on Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 1:05am

1500 horses and 600 head of cattle starving in Presido, Texas holding pens. Today as I did a fly over of Big Bend Ranch State Park, drifting over the west rim I dropped down to see at the edge of town in Presido, Texas horses and cattle dead in the creek that feeds water into the town. Horses and Cattle both without water or food. The moron who is suppose to watching over the pens has been missing or drunk for days. The pens are located just past the Presido city dump to north east a couple of miles. The pens are leased to Jim Crennan of C4 Cattle Company in Burlington, Texas south of Rosbud southeast of Waco, Texas and he works for Ty Jones. The name of the pens, Alvardo Pens. The sad part is that while these horses are put here for sale to Inter meats, horse slaughter in mexico owned by former Dallas Crown Olivier Kemseke. Its a worse crime to slaughter animals but its even a worse (r) crime to starve them. As this is being written I have an agent on the group moving around 600-800 horses and hopefully most of the cattle. People this is Texas, it aint rained here in God knows when, hay is higher than gold, wait it is gold, and how do I ask for help is beyond my comprehension. The Sheriff's office is livide and tomorrow we will try and get a court order but this is the tough part. 

Ray Field of the Texas Wild Horse Foundation just reported his discovery that some 1500 horses and 600 cattle are starving in a feedlot near Presidio, TX, while awaiting transport to slaughter in Mexico. Field says that the owner of the Mexican slaughterhouse is Olivier Kemseke, the same Belgium native who owned the Dallas Crown slaughterhouse in Kaufman, TX, before it was shut down...

News flash, 3 or 4 loads of these slaughter bound horses will be heading to the Wild Horse Foundation within the next 24-48 hours. We are shipping the strongest for now. Your help is definetly need is the form of donation for hay.... This is above our normal operation and is considered a national crisis for Horses. Please see our website for donor forms or you can mail a check to Wild Horse Foundation, P. O. Box 692, Franklin, Texas 77856 all donations are tax deductable.......

Just got off the phone with my hay guy and the price for a 18 wheeler load of hay is $8.600.00 , thats a deal but in order to help the horses we need your donations.

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