Monday, August 8, 2011

Justice Department Takes Charge of BLM Probe

Horseback Magazine

August 8, 2011

By Steven Long
HOUSTON, (Horseback) –All questions regarding 47 wild horses allegedly moved from a holding pasture of the federal Bureau of Land Management and seized from a well known slaughter killer buyer are now  being referred by the agency to federal law enforcement..
The probe centers on the removal and seizure of the horses in Utah by local BLM officials. The FBI is involved in the case.
However according to agency spokeswoman Megan M. Crandall, “Given that this situation involvers an active investigation, we are asking all questions be directed…to the Department of Justice in Salt Lake City.
“We are still waiting for the BLM to submit its report, said Melodie Rydalch of the Salt Lake City U.S. Attorney’s Office.
Multiple individuals are targets of the probe. Department of Transportation registration for a cattle truck shown in video by Salt Lake television station KSL was traced by respected animal welfare investigators Animals Angels to Willard, Utah based DK Ranches owned by alleged killer buyer Dennis Kunz.
“We just learned of the case on Friday so this is very early in the invewstigation. We will determine if charges need to be filed,” Rydalch told Horseback Magazine.

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