Saturday, August 13, 2011

Video: Animal Cruelty Charges Due at Obama’s BLM Wild Horse Stampede

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Information supplied by and Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Wild Horse Advocates Call for Formal Complaint

Renegade Bureau of Land Management (BLM) contract helicopter pilot Josh Hollyer has again crossed the line by using his aircraft as a tortuous weapon to poke, prod, shove and harass federally protected wild horses during the legally challenged Triple-B wild horse stampede in Nevada.  Working for BLM’s Sun-J helicopter stampede contractor Hollyer has been documented, on many occasions, with making close contact and violating FAA regulations by utilizing an aircraft over U.S. soil as a war time weapon against the passive and federally protected wild horses rightfully abiding on U.S. public lands.
Wild Horse Freedom Federation‘s president, R.T. Fitch, is calling upon the outraged U.S. public to support WHFF in it’s pursuit in filing not only Animal Cruelty charges in the state of Nevada but a documented complaint with the Federal Aviation Agency;
This is a yet another clear cut case of abuse and possible deception as this pilot risks the life of the horse, his own and the potential destruction of his aircraft so that he can attempt to push this exhausted animal over the crest of a hill in an attempt to cover up the cruelty of roping it without being documented by WHFF’s videotographer, Laura Leigh.  During this time of fiscal austerity when is enough enough?  I for one, will no longer allow myself to be required by the current administration to fund such blatant cruelty and open contempt for the spirit of federal law.
WHFF currently supports Ms. Leigh’s First Amendment suit against the BLM and parent agency the Department of Interior while  funding plaintiffs ASPCA, the Cloud Foundation, Habitat for Horses, Front Range Equine Rescue and private citizens in additional legal action against the BLM for it’s unjustified attempts to zero out long standing wild horse and burro herds on federally protected lands.
For BLM stampede documentation click (HERE) to help fight the cruelty click (HERE)


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