Sunday, August 14, 2011

Charges Not Filed in Texas Horse Pollution Case

Horseback Magazine

August 14, 2011
By Steven Long, Photos Two of Several Photos Provided by Anonymous Source to Horseback Online,   
HOUSTON, (Horseback) – A small but vocal group of pro-horse processing activists have ignored the consequences of what happened to horses lying dead in a flash flood prone Texas creek. The horses were being prepared for export of meat to lucrative oversees markets. The horses died after being transported to the pen for slaughter in Mexico. They were then dumped in Cibolo Creek, a usually dry stream but flash flood prone stream that empties into a nearby river less than a mile away.
The group, United Horsemen, instead posted a slide show Sunday attacking the Humane Society of the United States which has not intervened in the Texas situation.
Horseback Magazine has been provided with scores of photos of dead, dying, and injured horses at or near the feed lot.
Tha Rio Grande River is the border between the Lone Star State and Mexico. Cibolo Creek feeds the river  just upstream from one of Texas’ legendary aquatic recreation areas, the famed Santa Elana Canyon.
Living horses at the holding pen were demonstrably malnourished. Sources tell Horseback Online the animals had not been watered for days.  Presidio County Sheriff Danny Dominguez has not filed animal cruelty charges in the case, despite the fact he briefly had the horses in his custody. The sheriff has not returned Horseback’s calls.
Among the horses in the pen were about 30 prison horses bought at auction from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. These horses are highly coveted by trail riders, however TDCJ did not advertise the sale and most of the horses were auctioned to a well known Waco slaughter buyer.
Horseback was informed horses are still being transported to the pen. A mare and colt arrived early Sunday morning at about 1 A.M. according to observers.
Thus far the Texas Animal Health Commission has refused to investigate or bring charges in the case, although they have told Horseback most of the horses have bogus  “Coggins” documents that don’t match the horses. That document is a requirement of the USDA Animal and Plant Inspectiion Service. Falsification of the papers is a federal felony punishable by jail time and a fine. Thus far there has been no federal law enforcement presence at the site despite the evident violations.
Neither has the federal Environmental Protection Agency made its presence felt on what may be a serious public health threat.
The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has told Horseback Online they are actively investigating the situation in Presidio.
The group, United Horsemen, led by second term Wyoming State Representative posted a sophisticated video on the Internet Sunday attacking the Humane calling their campaigns for animal welfare an attack on freedom itself.
The video, “This Threat to Our Freedom” is a slickly produced slide show featuring children, rodeo, and well, more children.

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